Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Bits & Boredom

Another great week:

Lynn and I have been working on a landscaping project, this is coming along well and there will be a blog post w/ pictures in the near future. We moved 1.6 ton of rock on Thursday. (I slept great last night!)

Thursday afternoon marked the end of the regular camping season at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp as we wrapped up the Family Camp 5 family carnival. I grill hamburgers at this event for all five of the Family Camps. Yesterday I cooked over 300 burgers while others cooked brats and hot dogs.

The Iowa State Fair is underway and we are trying to find room in our schedules for a day trip to Des Moines. Hopefully, Susan and Philip will be able to go with us for a day of walking, fun and State Fair FOOD!

One more quick note...Thanks to all of my faithful readers/lurkers! I can tell from my site counter that the majority of those reading my blog are return customers. For that I'm very thankful and just wanted you to know that I appreciate your faithfulness. Good to get to see you this summer T. Mark Nelson, my very good friend from France!

That's It For Now!

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Shannon/Jodi said...

We'll be at the Fair tonight and tomorrow. We're planning a youth group scavenger hunt.