Sunday, August 16, 2009

A "Fair" Day

Saturday was the the day that Lynn and I choose to head down to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair 2009 version. The main reason we decided on Saturday was that would be the only day that Susan could have gone with us because she would be working all this week at the camp.

At 8 AM Lynn, Susan, Philip and I took off for "The Fair!"

Once there we began our grand tour. Now at this point I need to let you know that to the best of our recollection we have not been to the Fair in about two or three years. We had been on the Fair grounds for about 45 minutes when it dawned on me why there is a void between visits. Wall to Wall PEOPLE!

With that said...We did have a pretty good day. From the DNR Natural Resources building to a walk through of ALL the livestock barns to the agricultural building it is always a great time at the Fair. Our family has never been enamored with the "midway", that's where all of the ride and carnival games are located, our real interest besides the free actives is the State Fair FOOD!

Philip and Susan started with the smoked turkey leg supplied by the Iowa Turkey Producers stand and a cool drink. After I "helped " Susan with hers, I got myself a honey lemonade from the Honey Producers of Iowa stand inside the agricultural building. Much later Lynn and I got some smoked meat sandwiches. Lynn got the smoked beef and I got the smoked ham. After a ton more walking it was time to start thinking about heading back North to Clear Lake.

This brings us to the "getting ready to leave" program. Lynn always gets salt water taffy, Susan wanted cotton candy, Philip just wanted a soda and I wanted something that I've never tried before ... a pork chop on a stick! I made my way to the Iowa Pork Producers stand and got a pork chop for only $4.00! It was worth every penny!!! The pork chop on a stick is now my very favorite item at the Fair!

Overall, we all had a very good time and a very good day. Tired and full of good grub we headed home. Maybe we'll even go back before two or three years ... just for the pork chop on stick!

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Dan Cox said...

The first thing I had at the fair was a huge Cinnamon roll! It was great!

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