Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another Long Week

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm still around. Just another long week of playing catch up from being out of the office and town for almost a week and a half.

While I was away, I attended the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches annual conference held at teh Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa. This was a conference that I was in charge of putting together and hopefully making run very smooth. I have not gotten a chance to look at the conference evaluation yet, but I trust everyone enjoyed themselves and felt that the time spent at the conference was a blessing.

Our theme for the conference was "The Church: Prophetically and Practically", our speakers were Dr. Renald Showers for the church prophetically, and Dr. David Little for the church practically. Both of these men did a wonderful job of rightly dividing the Word of God and bringing a very challenging messages.

The music was incredible good as lead by my very good friend Pastor Mike Augsburger from the Willow Creek Baptist Church in West Des Moines, Iowa. Mike and his lovely wive Liz have been working with me on the annual conference for almost six years. I really enjoy the opportunity to work with Mike & Liz, my heart is always blessed by their ministry.

Overall, I think that it was a good conference & I'm already looking forward to next year!

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Dan Cox said...

I am looking forward to possibly being there next year!