Thursday, May 28, 2009

Observation: Raising Kids

I had a random thought about raising kids the other day...remember when you were younger and thought you had all the answers and solutions to life's greatest issues?

Why is it that every 20 year old, unmarried, guy thinks he know everything about raising kids? Why is it that he believes its his duty to express this great depth of knowledge to every married couple with kids?

Raising your kids may very well be the toughest job that a married couple will ever undertake. The brutal truth is that this stage of life passes in a flash.

I know right now, that everyone who is in the meat grinder of raising their kids is thinking ... "You've got to be kidding me! This feels like it will never be over!"

Let me try to explain...When our babies are born we have all kinds of dreams and expectations for them, plans for their lives that we have carefully thought through. But as they grow, we come to realize that they are just like their Mom's & Dad's. Self-willed, I do what I do because I want what I want, little curmudgeons that would rather throw a fit in Wal-Mart than anything else.

I know those days are hard, we walked through them just as every parent has, but, there is hope! These day will not last forever! I think the key is for Mom & Dad to keep their focus on pleasing and glorifying God. Yes, even in raising and disciplining our kids.

Here's the deal...No matter what the subject, our goals must remain fixed! Our goal should never be our own happiness, comfort or satisfaction. Those things are fleeting. When focused on what we want, we will almost always be disappointed; when focused on pleasing God and bringing glory to Him, His blessings are incredible.

Follow hard after God, read the Bible, His instruction manual for all area's of life and strive to please Him in EVERY area of your life.

At least that's the way I see it!


Shannon/Jodi said...

Thank you. I needed this reminder.

Anonymous said...

You might be done raising them but you never stop worring about them!

Big Bro