Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Memorial Day weekend really began for me on Friday as I had the opportunity to drive students from the Ventura elementary school to Algona, Iowa to visit the POW Camp Museum. I have know for some time that there was a POW camp in the Algona area but never took much notice of it or spent anytime looking into it. That changed on Friday!

From the "Algona P.W. Camp" site: "German prisoners were in Algona and its branch system from early 1944 to January of 1946. During that time about 10,000 German PWs moved through our system. The 34 camps in the Algona system had a significant impact on the economy of the communities and their surrounding areas. The value of the work done by the German prisoners in the 4 state area was estimated at $3,500,000."

This was again a reminder of the incredible times in which my Dad served his country. No, my Dad was not involved with the camp in Algona, but, part of that museum were many displays of what life was like for anyone involved in the service of our country. It made me once again realize the sacrifices made so we could enjoy the freedoms that we celebrated this weekend.

Sunday morning we had a Memorial Day service in which we recognized all of the Veterans in attendance. Following the recognition time, I brought a message about things we need to remember to be thankful for: from our vets & hero's, to our salvation, to our walk with God. It was a very emotional service as I talked about my Dad's service and love for this country. A love that he was able to communicate to his children as well as pass on to them!

Before my Dad passed away, one of my sister made sure that he and my Mom were able to go to Washington DC and see the new National WWII Memorial. I know that trip meant so much to Mom & Dad. I'm thankful for my Dad passing along his love and passion for this country to his children.

Memorial Day Monday was a day filled with remembering and family.

I got up just before 6 AM and went for a 3 mile walk. I spent a great deal of that time reflecting on just how blessed I am because of the sacrifices made on my behalf by others. What an incredible time!

Daniel, Maggie, Elijah, Amy, and a friend of mine Morgan Bush all arrive late Sunday afternoon and were able to spend all of Monday here in Clear Lake. As usual, our church had a picnic at the home of the Stephenson's in Ventura. Great food, great fellowship, great weather...What A Great Day!!! We are truly blessed!

I trust that you spent some time this weekend thinking about those who sacrificed so greatly that you might enjoy so much!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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I second all those emotions!

Big Bro