Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smoked Meatloaf....

I know I'm posting twice in the same day and sometimes it seems that I hardly post twice a month. But my favorite older brother doesn't do Facebook and this is the only way I can keep him in the loop!

So I'm trying my hand at Smoked Meatloaf this afternoon. This is a recipe i got from my nephew Kevin Dennis and he just raves about how good this is. Being me, I must dink with the recipe a bit adding my own twist.

Meatloaf on the smoker ... jury is out! I will be posting results as soon as I have them. until then ... here are a couple of pictures:

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Kevin said...

Looks good! If it turns out isn't my recipe!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

My brother and nephew can only come up with a great meatlofe. God bless you both.
Big Bro