Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bits & Balderdash

Graziano"s Italian Sausage: If you know me very well at all you know that I'm just not a very complicated person. I am very easily entertained & amused.

That being true ... imagine my joy when I realized that the local Hy-Vee grocers were found to be selling Graziano's Italian Sausage!!

This is, hands down, the BEST Italian sausage in captivity! Part of my affection for this delicacy stems from my childhood growing up on the South-side of Des Moines where the Graziano family had a little Mom & Pop store where they would make and sell their sausage.

Here is a bit of their history:    

This sausage is a treat from my childhood and I'm very thankful to Hy-Vee Mason City for carrying this product.

I'm really looking forward to "killer pizza", Italian sausage sandwiches and grinders!

Grilling & Smoking Meat: I have always been a fan of grilling, BBQing and smoking meats. the issue I had was I felt I never had the right equipment.

All of that has changed ... armed with only my Weber Kettle Grill and my Char-Broil Gas Grill I have been turning out some incredible smoked meats!

I have done pork lions, beef brisket, Boston butt roasts, pork roast, bone in & boneless pork ribs, boneless beef ribs, chicken and a beef chuck roast!

I picked up a great rub off the internet and after a bit of tweaking, think I have a pretty good mix. Sweet and spicy with just a bit of an after bite!

A friend of mine from the Des Moines area told me that I was creating restaurant quality meats. I will take that as a compliment!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

All of a sudden, I'm hungry!

Big Bro

e-bone said...

Pastor Steve

do you know *which* HyVee sells GB sausage? I'm only in town today and the GB store is closed!

Pastor Steve Cox said...

If you are in Mason City I know the HyVee WEST Sell GB sausage! Enjoy!!!