Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dinner Out!

Amy ...armed & dangerous
Yesterday, the lovely and gracious Lynn & I drove to Des Moines to see Amy and taker her out for supper. (Along w/ a number of other errands I needed to run in Central Iowa).

The mots-operandi for these trip to the Des Moines area consist of Lynn & I making the decision to go and then calling numerous people and letting them know where we are going to eat out and whoever shows up ... shows up! Normally that group will run between 4 and 15 people.

Mom & Dad (Love this pic)
Back to yesterday ... After contacting Amy and letting her know that we were coming down. I decided to run down to visit my Mom. Lynn suggested we ask her to dinner with us. Now for whatever reason, the idea of snatching up my Mom and taking her on one of these dinner outings had never crossed my mind! (BTW, Yes, I'm aware that my Mom eats, enjoys dining out and is an excellent conversationalist!) I'm just dense!

I called my mom asked her is she would like to go to Famous Dave's BBQ with us and she said "of course"! I thought rather than overwhelming her with a ton of people on her first voyage, we kept it to just the 4 of us. We had a great time! The food was great, the conversation was even better and the top of the evening was the waitress spilling a Dr. Pepper on the lovely and gracious Lynn! Hilarious!!!

I think Mom had fun and she is even willing to go again. It will be a couple  of weeks before we get back to the Des Moines area but ... it's on now! She is officially part of the group!

A couple of note for the rest of you who are thinking ... "I never got one of those calls or I would like to get one of those calls". First, just contact me via email and your in. Second, this is normally a Dutch treat event ... I'M NOT BUYING YOUR DINNER! Nice try! Third, these outing are not for the faint of heart, just ask Pastor Nick Oliver who left his lovely wife at an Olive Garden while the rest of us drove around looking for a place w/o a 2 1/2 hour wait! What an adventure!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Jesse Johnston said...

I've never gotten one of those calls!

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Figures...It would be you!