Saturday, July 07, 2012

The 4th of July in Clear Lake

Where has the summer gone?!?!?!?

Wow, we are already past the 4th of July! And a VERY hot one it was!! Both the weather and the fun were very hot!

The day started with the firing up of the smoker/grill and putting on a boneless pork loin for our lunch. This was followed by the annual 4th of July parade in Clear Lake. I for one enjoy parades and look forward to this one every year! The parade begins at 10 AM and lasts about 2 hours!

Following the parade we returned home for our smoked pork lion lunch which was fantastic!

Later that afternoon we arrived at the church for a cook-out and fellowship time. It was very hot and humid and therefore we cooked out side but decided to eat in the church fellowship hall!

Following supper and fellowship we made our way to the lake front for the "Firework over the Lake" a Clear Lake tradition. This is a no holes barred, top of the line fireworks display! Most communities will have a 15 to 30 minute fireworks program, Clear Lake averages 45-50 minutes with a grand finale that is second to none! Where we sit ... it is a front and center position for teh show and we love every minute!

My 4th of July began at around 5:30AM and ended about 11:45PM, a very long day but in my mind worth every minute!

Trust that as you enjoyed your 4th of July you took at least a moment to that God for the privilege of living in the greatest country on earth. No place is perfect (yet!) but, there are far worst places to have to live! May God continue to bless our great nation!

I Remain...
Pastor Steve

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