Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rantings and Ravings/Bits & Balderdash

The other day my favorite oldest son called and challenged me. He said ... "What is the point of that blog post about the Christmas hymn? You say on your blog your going to give opinions and tells us what fires you up and you give us a post that is very vanilla! So what did you think of the song and why not tell us!?!?!?!?

1. My kid is a pain! I raised him to try and be a critical thinker and he uses it on me ... Oh where did I go wrong!  (Insert huge grin & wink here). I love it when my kids don't let me slide! And just so you know Susan is a pain as well. She has challenged me to not drink soda pop, so as of today I've not had a pop since November. A diet Mt. Dew sounds really good right now!

2. The bit about the Christmas Hymn was that we just pick up hymnals and sing whatever the editors decide to put in their books. Do you realize that many of these song are far longer that the 2 or 3 verses that we all know so well? Do you realize that some of these song tell a story to tell and we only get to sing 3 or 4 verses that we normally skip 2! Just food for thought.

3. Brief Statement: Some of the worst theology you will ever find is found in some of our hymns.

4. Now for a bit of ranting: what is the deal with all of these people complaining about the winter weather? Here is the deal - We live in Iowa, we live in the upper mid-west and we're upset when we have to deal with brutal cold and snow? Hello! It is called winter, winter in Iowa!

A friend pointed out that the same people who are squirting and crying about the cold are the very same people that are hugging their air conditioners during the summer when it is "too hot"!

Learn to be thankful for what you have been blessed with and be thankful as well for what we do not have to do any longer. No more late night trips to the outdoor privy. Unless you choose to, you do not need to worry about the fire going out in the night and everyone freezing in their beds! You no longer need to go to the barn to get milk, you just need to plan ahead and get to the store.

I realize that I will probably will take some heat for this post but I will just warm myself in the glow of that heat and then snuggle with my wife, watching the snow fall, blow and drift! I love Iowa!

5. The Iowa Hawkeyes won the FedEx Orange Bowl over The Rambiln' Wreck of Georgia Tech. Great game, great team, great year. As a UNI alum I know that Iowa should have been beaten week 1, but the Hawks did block TWO field goals in a row, what can you say?

On the year...11-2! Not too bad!

6. How 'bout them Clones!!!! Big bowl win over Minnesota. A very good win for that program. How long till September!?

That is it for now!


Dan Cox said...

Pains come in unique ways. As a song leader you have to think about what you are singing and potentially change the wording if it is incorrect. GO HAWKEYES! What's with the shout out to ISU???

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Dan, Thanks for your comments.

The shout out to ISU is deserved. They beat a Big 10 team albeit Brewster's squad from U of MN.

Always remember to be a State Of Iowa Fan! Iowa, Iowa State, Drake & UNI! You are not just a U of I fan ... You're better than that!

Anonymous said...

Why are your longer blogs in smaller font. You have to remember some of your readers are OLD and have to go find their glasses. Oh, by the way, I did enjoy the content. Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...

There .... is that better Big Bro?

Love you!! Steven

Anonymous said...

Yes, now I don't need my specs.
Thanks, Big Bro

Morgan Bush said...

Ya that definitely sounds like Daniel. Although I don't appreciate you hatin' on my Minnesotan brothers up here P.C. By the way I changed the pic on my blog. I know you liked the old one but the new one is good too.