Wednesday, January 06, 2010

After 19 Years I Missed ONE!

I entered the full time ministry on Mother's Day 1991. In the 19 years that have followed I have never been so sick on a Sunday that I have had to miss a regular Sunday service...until last Sunday!

Sometime Saturday I began feeling a bit ... awkward! By Saturday evening I was in the full "throws" of the intestinal flu.  By 3 AM Sunday my stomach, feeling left out, joined the party and by 6 AM, I was convinced that I would die before 7 AM.

At 6:30 I made the call to my Deacons that I was not going to be able to preach. I have never had to make that call EVER before! That is not to say I've never been sick or had a migraine headache, but I have always been able to muddle through. Not Sunday!

Even when I broke my ankle a couple of years ago, I was able to preach. I may have had to sit, but I could have preached! The only reason I didn't was because while I was still in the hospital, my very good friend John Murray, told the Chairman of our Deacons, that he would fill the pulpit for me.

Oh well, Now I start this pace I will not miss another regular Sunday service until...January 2029! I'll only be 67 years old! I think I can do it!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think you've got any thing to be ashamed of. God kept you from preaching Sunday for a reason. You may never know why.

Big Bro

Morgan Bush said...

Well that's the span of my whole life. So there you go.

Trishkj said...

Sorry you were sick, but glad you're, apparently, on the mend!

Str8Arrow said...

when I was struggling from Meneire's syndrome I had one Sunday with my head in the trash can before the service. About halfway through the song service the veritgo stopped and I weakly made my way to the front and preached. These kids are wimps these days.