Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On The Prowl For Another Meat Slicer

A couple of weeks ago while slicing another batch of corned beef, my Rival Meat Slicer died! Main gear missing teeth.

So the process of replacement begins. This project is an E-bay bit. that is because the old school Rival is the only slicer made for home use that is not mostly plastic. My Mom & Dad bought a Rival slicer and still have it ... they are a good product. I bought mine used maybe 10 years ago, on E-bay and it has served me very well!

Now I'm back on the prowl for another. I'll keep you posted on my process & if you are aware of someone who has a rival and is willing to part with it ... PLEASE drop me a note!


Anonymous said...

Steve - what's the model number? Does Mom still use her's?
Big Bro

Dan Cox said...

Oh no...back to using a knife like a real man. lol! Just kidding. Hope you find another one.

Anonymous said...

We finally broke down and bought a cheap plastic one, and it really does a decent job considering it only cost $35 dollars.

It does help to get the disk back in the proper place after cleaning, so that it runs straight. DOH!!


Anonymous said...

Checked on craig's list and there are two listed in thes des moines area.

Don't know anything about slicers, but hope it helps!

Morgan Bush said...

well that's a pickle now isn't it...

The Stuff of Success said...

Hi - I just came across this post/blog regarding your meat slicer. I just managed to come up with a slicer just like yours but can't find a manual anywhere. Could you tell me if the blade comes of to clean? I havent been abled to figure out how to remove it. Thank you for your time.

Terry Olmsted said...

I have one for sale if interested.9196764299 or 9196182778

Unknown said...

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