Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tom Hammond: Pastor, Friend & Spiritual Mentor

Friday afternoon a man died in a car accident in Michigan. Big deal, right? People die in accidents all the time - why would I mention this incident?

Because the man involved was Tom Hammond.

I met Tom in the early 80's while attending the University of Northern Iowa. Tom was a college pastor with Campus Bible Fellowship and he was the one who discipled me after I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. He was a spiritual adviser, friend and the first person to tell me that God had given me gifts and abilities that He could use in the lives of others. It was Tom that challenged me with the thought of going to Bible College and consider the possibility of full time ministry.

The memories that I have of Tom's ministry in my life are far too numerous to try to tell here but I have been thinking non-stop about it since receiving the news yesterday morning.

My heart is heavy, but I know that God's plan is always perfect and I will always trust Him to do what is right and beneficial for my life and that which will bring glory to Himself!


Anonymous said...

Steve, sorry for the loss of your friend.

big bro

Dan Cox said...

Sorry, Sounds like a really godly man. I wish I could have met him. I am thankful for his ministry in your life! Praying for you! Press ON!

Str8Arrow said...

Oh my, I am saddened. It sure makes heaven closer.