Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Things have been very busy but I need to take time to pause and blog just a bit.

The trip to the Grand Rapids area for the funeral of my friend Tom Hammond was very profitable. By that, I mean that it was good to see June, Tom's wife and also their children. It was good to touch base with many of the CBF's that I have not seen in about 20 to 25 years! I was evey called by my college nickname which was ...(I'm not telling!)

It was also good to spend time reflecting on the impact of one persons life upon another. I know the impact of a man like Tom in my life and in the lives of other, that was evident from the testimonials at the funeral. Which begs the question of what kind of impact are we having in the lives of others?

One last thing on this topic ... If I have any regreat, it would be that I did not keep in regular contact with Tom. I never took the time to tell him how thankful I was to God for Tom's impact in my life. Why is it that it is usually after someone is gone (has died) we finally realize that we never took the time to say "Thank You".


Dan Cox said...

Thank you dad!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Steve, I love you!

Your Big Bro

Shannon/Jodi said...

Thank you for the impact you have had on my life!