Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Life Is All About Choices!

The longer I live and am involved in ministry, I'm convinced that life is all about choices. Talk to almost any adult and they will be able to tell you of decisions and choices made as teenagers and young adults that have impacted their lives, for good or bad, to this day.

I know this is true in my life and most of the people I have asked.

Whenever I get the chance to speak to teens and young adults, I usually try and cover this topic somehow because the people in these age groups tend to see them selves as "bullet proof". That the bad things of life happen to others and not to people like themselves. In a sense they see them selves as untouchable.

I have officiated too many funerals and sat for too many hours in the counseling room to be fooled by the thought that it will happen to someone else.

Yesterday I receive a web address for a clip that the Owatonna, Mn. Police Dept. and a local funeral home had put together. This is powerful ... maybe one kid will see it and think twice.

Click Here To View: All About Choices!

I thought is was thought provoking or maybe I'm just getting old.


Anonymous said...

CHOICES....very powerful video!

Big Bro

Str8Arrow said...

believe me it hits home.