Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FBBC Youth Conference

Had the opportunity to attend the youth conference at Faith Baptist Bible College last week.

There were over 200 young people there from all over the mid-west. The purpose of the youth conference is two fold, first, to encourage these teen to strive to live more effectively for God and second, expose them to the college campus in Ankeny.

We arrived on Thursday evening for supper, an evening service and an activity. This years BIG activity was playing the old game show "Let's Make A Deal". Yep, it was just a corny as it sounds but everyone really seem to get into it and have a lot of fun!

Friday morning is the opportunity for the teens to get to attend classes and chapel at the college. there is a wide range from which to choose as well as choices to look in depth into certain majors offered at FBBC. The afternoon is filled with all kinds of activities from ultimate Frisbee to soccer games to trips to the big mall in Des Moines. There is an evening service and then everyone goes ice skating, with the day finished off by a killer game of dodge ball!

Saturday morning begins with a 5K walk/run for anyone who might be interested and this brings out the
college students as well as the visiting teens! This is one of the favorite events at the FBBC youth conference every year. An abbreviated chapel service takes place and we are on the road by just afternoon.

A good time was had by all and I'm already looking forward to next year!

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