Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big Saturday

Last year in May I invited a couple of Philip's friends over for what I called a "Big Breakfast". Saturday morning the boys were all home for Easter and as I am want to do I had them all back for a repeat "Big Breakfast".

The boys showed up around 9 AM and it was on! 2 college age boys, 1 high school senior, my mother in law and 2 daughters made the guest list and this group piled through 14 eggs scrambled, 1.5 pounds of bacon, 1 pound of hash browns with onions and biscuits with sausage gravy.

They ate almost every bit of it!

It only happens once a year, and it is worth every bit of work that it takes.

If you have not figured it out yet, I love to cook! I had a friend tell me not to long age that if I would ever open a restaurant, he would pay to eat my cooking. It's an idea but ... I got the greatest job in the world and a really fun hobby!

My day did not end there ... we enjoyed a great spring day! I found time to clean my garage, set out my turkey decoys and air out my hunting blind. Amy, Philip and I even squeezed in some time for fishing.

Overall, a great day!


Anonymous said...

Did you catch any fish?

Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Big Bro...

The water in Clear Lake is still very cold and the fishing is very slow but we did catch a few yellow bass and a couple of sub-legal walleyes!


Shannon/Jodi said...

This doesn't sound too different from breakfast at the Clark household..that is, if Mrs. Clark would bless her family with a hot breakfast instead of cold cereal!

It sounds like your house is the place to be!