Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Note From My Brother & An Update For You

I received a note today from my brother in Florida informing me that I'm not blogging enough.
Well excuuuuuuuuuse me!

Ok the truth be told I do leave too many days between my blogs and I will try try do better.

In the spirit of blogging a bit more ....

Archery season is in full swing in Iowa and I have been out a few times. As of today I've not harvested my deer but I did take a nice sapling. I had a real nice 6 point buck come in and I just flat peaked after releasing my arrow.

In golf you must keep your head down as you swing through the ball, no "peeking" to see where you ball is going. In archery you must hold on your target until the arrow impacts, even the slightest movement or "peek" will cause the arrow to fly erratically. So I nailed a sapling!

In other news Amy and Susan attend a formal dinner, called the Black Tie Event, in the Des Moines area sponsored by the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches Youth Committee. There were about 120 teens from all over the state and they enjoyed a formal dinner and then a number of activities. From all reports, everyone had a great time!

Philip did not go to the Black Tie Event, he had the opportunity to go to the Scholarship Weekend at Faith Baptist Bible College. The college is awarding about $75, 000 to the incoming freshman class. We are waiting to see if he will receive a reward letter. The weekend involved a number of interviews as well as some general sessions with all of the kids together.

That ought to bring you up to date. Until the next time...

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Great blog! How do you cook that sapling? Your girls are so grown up and pretty!

Big Bro

Steve Cox said...

Sap Soup or Bark Stew, take your pick. Truthfully both are hard to stomach!