Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Wow, What a wild few days!

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving Day and that included a flying trip trip to Des Moines. We left Clear Lake at about 7 AM and arrived at my Mom and Dads at about 9:30 AM following a stop in Ankeny to hook up with Daniel and Maggie.

We all arrived at my folks to find that we were not the first one's to arrive. Soon the others began to file in, in short order . It was a great crowd, all the siblings were there except my big bro (I missed your help w/ the turkey!).

Once again my Mom outdid her self with the turkey. It was again perfection! Everything else that was great as well and it was the usual Thanksgiving spread. We ate our meal at about 12 noon, and everyone was stuffed like we were the bird!

After a little football and conversation the exodus began and slowly the family began to leave for other celebrations. The Clear Lake contingency pulled out around 3:00 and stopped again in Ankeny to pick up Lynn's Mom and bring her to Clear Lake for the rest of the holiday weekend. We got home in time to head over to a friends home and watched the film "Amazing Grace". A great movie that I really enjoyed it ... I would recommend it to you!

Friday for some was a day for shopping or relaxing or in the case of my running buddies in North Iowa - a great day for hunting! For me Friday was another day in the office because I was to drive that afternoon to Iowa Falls for a basketball scrimmage and I wanted to spend a bit more time in the study so no shopping, no hunting.

I picked up my bus at about 2 PM and fueled up and left for Iowa Falls at 2:30. Upon arrival in Iowa Falls I met up with Pastor Hill and went out for coffee then back to the High School to watch the scrimmage. When the scrimmage was over I returned to my bus only to find that because the alternator was shot the bus was DOA! I had to call for someone to drive down to get us and what was a quick trip to Iowa Falls turned into an all evening albatross! We finally got home around 9 PM. What a LONG DAY!

Saturday found our family driving to Southwest Iowa for the wedding of a family friend. Long trip, almost four hours both ways but worth every minute to spend time with our friends. The wedding was very nice and the bride was beautiful. I really enjoy getting to see our friend in the Cumberland/Massena area. We got home around 8:30 in the evening got all settled in to watch another movie only to have the electric go out for about 2 hours! A perfect ending to a crazy day!

Enough for now,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

I missed you too! But I finally got enough to eat for a change.

Big Bro