Monday, November 12, 2007

Bus Driver Training

Last week I was required, by State law, to attend a 3 hour Annual Training for School Bus Drivers. It was your standard watch a video, discuss as a group and then walk through a test over the material.

Here are a few of the questions that we had to try to figure out:

1. TRUE or FALSE If the gates remain down after a train passes through a railroad crossing with more that one set of tracks, it is a malfunction and you can safely go around the gates?

2. TRUE or FALSE Trains have steering wheels, so they can swerve to get out of your way.

3. TRUE or FALSE Kids pushing your buttons can be a major safety problem.

4. TRUE or FALSE You should always steer clear of road rage.

5. TRUE or FALSE The shape and color of a sign have nothing to do with the information that the sign is trying to provide to the driver.

6.TRUE or FALSE Milepost markers can be a handy reference if your bus breaks down.

7. TRUE or FALSE Exhaust fumes all vehicles carry major health risks, especially for children.

I found some of these to be funny and others to be just obvious. Does the average person really believe that trains have steering wheels? If so, we're in deeper trouble than I thought!

Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Do trains have turn signals??

Big Bro

Jon Selander said...

Steve, we're in Iowa. If the tests were any harder, who would take the kids to school?
Incidentally, mileposts markers are only a help to those that know what road they're on!

Steve Cox said...

So Very True, Jon