Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And We're Done

The Ventura Vikings bowed out of the play offs last night at the hands of the Armstrong/Ringstead Mustangs. Bowed out seems almost too mild, perhaps "given the bums rush" would be a better description!

You could blame it on any number of factors, a very physical final season game and a very short turn around. Boys who were just flat tired, sore and emotional shot. A team who just was not prepared for the juggernaut that was the A/R Mustangs.

But the best commentary was given by our Mason City Globe Gazette: "It didn’t take Armstrong-Ringsted long to turn the lights out both literally and figuratively on Ventura in a first round eight-man playoff game Tuesday night.

The Mustangs (9-1) scored 21 first quarter points on their way to a 55-20 win.

Armstrong-Ringsted avenged a 21-13 loss to Ventura (8-2) from earlier in the season.

“They were a different team,” Ventura coach Mike Horstman said of Armstrong-Ringsted. “We knew they’d make some adjustments against us, but we didn’t think we wouldn’t be able to run the football at all.”

Armstrong-Ringsted completely shut down Ventura’s offense in the first half, holding the Vikings without a first down until the two minute, 55 second mark of the second quarter.

“The offensive line wasn’t getting a lot of great blocks, and they were getting through,” Horstman said. “When you can’t run, it makes you one-dimensional and then they were able to go after the quarterback.”"

The bottom line is that the Ventura Vikings were just beaten by a better team.

Now, as for the Vikings and their overall season ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

These boys took a program that was very ones beating pole and won 8 straight games this season . These boys got to the playoffs for the first time since 1989.

The Ventura Vikings finished this season 8-2! Boys, you have nothing to hang your heads about, be thankful for the opportunities this year afforded you!

Pastor Steve


Str8Arrow said...

Congratulations on a good season. You understand that every team but one will win in the post season. You guys had a great season. Northeast Hamilton is still in the chase. They won a squeaker that came down to the 4th quarter. They play Armstrong Ringstead this saturday. I am debating on taking a road trip or not. Too bad it won't be in the high 60s. I need an excuse to get the bike out.

Steve Cox said...

Amazingly my week end really opened up!

No football in my immediate future!