Monday, October 08, 2007

A Champion Is Crowned

It is my pleasure to announce that Daniel Cox has won the first annual BBQ contest at the Nevada Baptist Church.

Daniels entry was a Pork Shoulder Roast, seasoned, cooked and smoked to perfection!

Great Job Daniel!!!

Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Daniel, Can I get you're recepie?

uncle hippo

Str8Arrow said...

can I get Daniel's recipe? I know that you gave it to him.

Steve Cox said...

You are so VERY correct!

Old family secret, only shared in person over a great Chinese meal & your buying!

farmer Tom said...

Daniel, the next time you come to north Iowa, I expect you to cook and I will be invited to participate in the feast.

Do you do this winning entry on the grill that we gave you?

farmer Tom said...

did you do?

We started loading hogs at 4:50 this AM, I need to go to bed.

Good night Preacher.

Steve Cox said...

Did I Do What!?!?!?

Hope you got some sleep, you needed it!

Str8Arrow said...

I can do that

Steve Cox said...

You the man call and say when!

Str8Arrow said...

But don't ask me to show you to my secret deer hunting spot. :o)