Monday, May 21, 2007

Valley Fish & Cheese Market

One of the side benefits of the hunting trip to NE Iowa is a quick trip across the river to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and a stop at the Valley Fish & Cheese Market.

The fare of the market is smoked fish, but the menu does not end there. You can get jerky there, carp jerky, catfish jerky and turtle jerky. Another great item is the frog legs! Smoked fish is lead by the catfish and carp but you can also get smoked sturgeon. My favorite is the smoked catfish.

The market is also know for their selection of Wisconsin cheeses. They have about anything that you could need or want, my favorite is the hot pepper cheese. It is great and really snappy!

If you ever get the
chance to get over to Prairie du Chien you have to make a stop in at the Valley Fish & Cheese Market.

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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my0place said...

Steve, thank u for the pleasant reading....Joyce