Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pastor Steve's Dad & Counselor Training

I wanted to post an update on my blog about my Dad. Dad is doing much better! I stopped by to see him the other day and he was getting around the house very well. He is still very tired and has a long way to go but he is home with Mom and they are very happy.

Thanks to all who were praying for him ... keep it up!

April 27 & 28 were the dates for counselor training at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp. About 150 people showed up for the retreat and it was a very profitable time. The keynote speaker this year was Pastor Bob Fields from Illinois. As always Pastor Fields did a fantastic job with the preaching of the Word. Very convicting and very challenging.

The workshops that I attended were very well done. One that I attended was hosted by Pastor Scott Owen and was on the use of questions in counseling. The idea is that as we talk to people and try to help them work through their problem we should ask pertinent questions. One statement that Pastor Owen made was that "questions tweak the conscious and accusations harden the will". As you think about is I know I would rather have someone ask me a thought provoking question rather than just assume they know my thoughts and motives.

I had the chance to get together with almost all of my Special Camp staff at the retreat. I used it as an opportunity to make sure that we were all on the same page with the teachers, crafts and counselors. As usual everyone was on top of their game and had everything ready to go. My staff makes me look good!

I remain,
Pastor Steve

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