Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day Weekend got off on a bit of a sad note as we celebrated the life of one of our friends father who passed away. Visitation on Friday and funeral on Saturday. Psalm 116:15 tells us "Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints." Thank God for His Word!

Saturday evening was spent fishing on Clear Lake with Philip and the fishing was good! We caught a good number of fish and had a great time together. While on the dock, the special speaker for our Sunday services came by for a chat , we visited for a bit and we headed home to do a bit of fish cleaning.

Memorial Day Sunday was a big day at the CLRBC. Our special speaker for the day was Jason Nightingale of Wordsower Ministries. Jason Nightingale is co-founder of Wordsower International. Jason teaches and exhorts through dramatic recitation of entire books of the New Testament or large portions of Scripture from memory. Their ministry, founded in 1974, donates most of its proceeds to raise support for and awareness of orphans and widows in West Africa.

Sunday in Clear Lake Jason ministered from the Books of 1 John, 1 & 2 Peter as well as the Book of Revelation. 1 John included an allegory of a house that reflected Jason's spiritual journey. 1 & 2 Peter were give in relation to the parable of the sower and the soils found in the gospels. The Book of Revelation stands on its own!

It was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time. What a blessing to sit and HEAR the Word of God in a dramatic way!

Memorial Day for Lynn and I began with breakfast out with friends from the church. We had a blast, we love getting together with folk from the church and just rejoicing in the Lord.

The bulk of our Memorial Day was spent out at the Stephenson's for an all church picnic. We arrived just about 1PM and left for home sometime after 10 PM.

The day was filled with sqinny ball, games and lots of just sitting around and visiting. Jason Nightingale and his wife were able to stick around and enjoy the day with us and they seemed to really enjoy getting to know our folks here.

Dan and I fired the grill about 4 PM and supper was ON! Everything from T-bone steaks, Pork Chops, Venison, Fish, Chicken, Brats, Dogs and Burgers. What a spread! If you left hungry from this fellowship it was your own fault.

Following the meal Jason offered to speak the scriptures to us before they would have to leave and we hardily agreed! Jason spoke the first 5 chapters of the Gospel of John interspersed with commentary and application. It was tremendous!

Overall a great weekend and one that will not soon be forgotten!

That's the way I see it,
Pastor Steve

PS: We also celebrated Lynn's Birthday!

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