Friday, October 14, 2011

The Saga Continues ...

In my last post I was telling about how God provided funds for me to finish a project that I'd been working on for sometime. As I was struggling through the process I mentioned that one of the items I was considering was a new bow for archery hunting.

The story just keeps getting better!
Two day after I decided NOT to buy a new bow and go with the projector I received a call from a friend asking if I had ever gotten around to buying a new bow, knowing that I'd been "looking" at that possibility for a couple of years.

When I told him "no" he said that he had found a great deal on a used left-handed bow that was so good he could not pass it up ... so he bought the bow for me! A Bowtech General.

Not only did he get me the bow, but he took it in and got the right cams for my draw length, an overall tune-up and some Rage 3 Blade broad-heads for hunting.

After I received the bow I took it to an indoor range and began to get it sighted in at 20 yards. This bow is an absolute nail driver! I'm able to put together a group of three arrows in the area of a quarter at 20 yards! I'm so excited to get into the deer woods and lay the smack-down on Bambi, Bambi's Mom or Bambi's Daddy - I'm not particular!
It is always incredible to watch God provide our need and what a huge blessing when He also provides some of our "wants"! Thank you Joel for thinking of me!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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