Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bits & Balderdash

Had the opportunity the other night to attend the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp's Des Moines Fall Camp Banquet. I was asked to attend as an usher and teller and Praise the Lord the camp raised just shy of $30,000! The event was held at the Downtown Marriott, a wonderful facility with an incredible staff!

On a totally unrelated note ... kind of! What is wrong with people and public restrooms. Whether your at an upscale place like the Marriott in Des Moines, a rest area along the interstate or a convenience store, there seems to be a group of people who find their calling in life to use (destroy) and then walk away from public restrooms. Why is it necessary to use facilities and walk away without flushing? Do they do that in their own homes? I'm totally aware that this is a icky subject but it really bothers me! I just don't get it!

That is enough for tonight - - Thanks for letting me rant!

Pastor Steve

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