Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let Them Know - NOW!

Over the past year I have been exercising my gray matter over a topic that to bring up is to run the risk of seeming self-serving. But after reading/studying the Book of 3 John and word written to and about Gaius.

Here is the deal ... We need to let people know about their impact on our lives before their gone.

All of this began last fall when my friend and mentor, Tom Hammond was tragically killed in a car accident (from our earthly perspective). I realized that I had never taken the time to let Tom know the impact he had on my life and how thankful I was for his ministry.

Just last week I was told of a Bible college professor, who in his twilight years is wondering if his life and ministry ever really had any real impact in the lives of the many students that have sat in his classes over the years.

My encouragement to myself as well as all of you is to let those who have impacted your life simply that, that they have touched your life and your thankful!

One more thing before I close ... Ever been to a funeral of someone you knew as an acquaintance and when the funeral was over you though ... "I wish I'd known them better."

Why is it that we have many folks around us that we "know" but we really have no clue who they really are!

Let's take a bit of time and really get to know folks. Who they are and what they really enjoy.

Here is the key: Say thank you and get to know your friends better!

For what it is worth...

I remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your example!