Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bits & Balderdash

Here are a few quick hitters - sorry for the long delay!

Daniel & Maggie: Daniel has accepted the call to go to Calvary Baptist Church in Grinnell, Iowa. He is the assistant pastor with his emphasis in the area of youth ministries. We moved the kids on Labor Day and needless to say they are very excited and a bit overwhelmed as they begin this new chapter in their life!

Elijah & Benjamin: The boys are awesome! Elijah has learned to give a knuckle bump and the other day Daniel told me he gave Benjamin a knuckle bump on his hand and then one on the nose for good measure! What a riot! Both boys are doing great and are really growing and changing!

Susan: Susan is at college and beginning to get into the flow of her classes. the really big news is ... she got a job! She will be working at the Ankeny Christian School in their day-care/after-school program. The ACS is only about 3 blocks from the campus of FBBC so Susan is able to walk to work for the first few week before the weather gets too nasty.

Ministry @ Clear Lake: The ministry here is moving along well. We were very blessed to have two young men baptized on the last Sunday of August and then last Sunday evening we welcomed 6 new people into our church family! What a blessing to hear the testimonies of how God work in peoples lives drawing them to himself!

More to come soon ... I hope

Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting again, I thought you left town...sounds like the family is doing great.

Big Bro