Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Greetings All,

Just a note to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Trust you are looking back on a year filled with many blessings and some challenges and very few heartaches. Our prayer for you is that God will fill your 2010 with a multitude of blessings, more that you can even begin to imagine!

It has been a good year for the Cox's of Clear Lake, everyone is doing well and serving the Lord in the place that we have been planted! Daniel & Maggie, their son, Elijah are living in Oskaloosa, Amy is in the Des Moines area, Philip is in Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa and Susan is still stuck in Clear Lake with her parents!

The ministry in Clear Lake is moving forward and we are seeing the blessings of God so abundantly around us. Thing are moving forward and we are blessed for being able to serve here! As with every situation things could always be better but we are not working on our time schedule but on God's. So, we serve and do the things that we are called to do and watch Him bring the increase.

God bless everyone of you and your families as well. We look forward to being able to see you as the Lord permits!

Pastor Steve & Lynn Cox


Philip Gilbert said...

Why can't I see the blessings of god then?

Str8Arrow said...

maybe you are not looking in the right place. Often we only see God blessing when we can lead Him by the nose and make Him acquiesce to our demands. God's blessing is seen in every breath we take.

Philip Gilbert said...

You lead god by the nose and bully him into giving you what you want? Cool.