Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Buying Tip #71

Tough time of year and sometimes you just need a little help getting the right gift. Some of us really need serious help, this tip come from a calendar Lynn gave me last year called "You 'da Dad". Here you go:

Gift Buying Tip #71

A gift certificate to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers is not a good Christmas gift for our wife. Most men would know better especially the ones who have learned the correct response to "Do these pants make me look fat?" If you are one of the poor souls who still doesn't get it and purchased a gift like this be prepared to receive the silent treatment for a month.

Along those same lines do not buy her anti-wrinkle cream, or the book "How not to be Nasty Sunday Through Saturday. These are not considered gifts they are considered reasons for seriously injuring the person who bought them and just may court of law.

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