Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bits & Balderdash

1. When dose life slow down? Have you ever noticed that we all seem to look forward to the end of summer so that our lives will return to some kind of "normal" schedule, only to realize that we are trading one set of "busy" for another?

We think, "It will be so nice when the kido's are back in the school mode and things slowdown", only to realize there are fall/winter/spring sports seasons, music activities, the fall and/or spring play, homeschool group activities, science fair, field trips and the list goes on and on and on!

The next thing we do is catch ourselves thinking ... "I cant wait until summer so we can slow down and relax a bit!" Not so much!!! Living life takes so much time and effort that we sometimes miss the really important because of the constant roar of the urgent!

Here is a great little booklet that I take time to read every once in a while:

2. The Tiger Woods saga continues. Here is a shocker...I do have an opinion! However, I'm waiting in the wings for a bit, I see far too many who are ready to lambaste Tiger and I'm not sure we've seen all of the fall out. I'm sure there is more to come.

3. Here is a quick bit.... I have learned in life you need to know what your doing and then be careful you do not believe that something is so "old hat" that you may take uncalculated risks. If we're not careful, stupid take over and this is what happens:

I'm thinking of having bumper sticker made up and sell them for $2.50 and they would simply say: "You Can't Fix Stupid!" Would you buy one? Got a friend that needs one?

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Str8Arrow said...

as my old football coach would say to me, "that wasn't too bright was it?"