Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Is Going To Cost Me!

In my last post I was talking about getting ready for archery hunting season. Part of the process is that every Thursday in late August and September a few guys get together and practice at the Baptist Camp archery range.

So it was this evening when I had an incredible shot! I got a bulls eye and then a bit later I got my 2nd "Robin Hood"!

Check it out!
The shot was a bulls eye - maybe a bit low, but nevertheless!

Hard to see but that is both arrows!

The thing to notice here is that the nock of the first arrow is driven onto the shaft!

Does not happen everyday - kind of costly at about 10 to 12 dollars an arrow, but what a cool experience.

My PSE Nova is a nail driver!

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Str8Arrow said...

I guess. Congratulations!!!! I am considering going to the dark side as well.