Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bits & Boredom!

Sorry for the long laps in posting!

Couple of things:

Men's Retreat - Our church was in charge of hosting 450 men for an overnight retreat. Jason Nightingale of Wordsower ministries was our speaker and he did a great job! Everyone seemed to have fun and really enjoy the break.

Driving Bus - I'm back on the road again. Driving to sports event for Ventura, thus far I've driven cross country, JH football and varsity football. Always enjoy driving and the kids I deal with are super polite and almost always say "thank you" for driving.

Running - Since I've lost some weight I've taken up running.
I'm training for an event in Des Moines in October, it will be my first "official" 5K and I'm planning to share the event with a lot of my family. Daniel, Susan Lynn and I will be running together that day. I'll keep you posted! My times are getting better and better and my best time for 3 miles was just this morning when I clocked in at 29:18! Not too bad for a 47 year old former fat dude!

Bow Season - I getting fired up for the archery season this year! There are a bunch of us who get together and practice out at the Camp. Everything is coming together and I'm looking forward to getting my tag and climb into my stand. I had some great opportunities last year but alas, no meat in the freezer...this year must be different! I hungry for venison steaks on the grill!

That's enough for now ... I'll be back!

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