Monday, June 01, 2009

Philip's Home

Philip's flight home from South Africa arrived safely in Des Moines Friday evening at about 6:45!

He was only gone for 3 weeks but it was sure good to see him walk down that flight of stairs grinning from ear to ear!

Everyone from our family was there, Daniel, Maggie and the E man (Elijah); Amy, Susan Lynn and Me too!

We snatched up Philip, headed out to the nearest Pizza Hut, met up with our good friend Nick Oliver and the entire herd polished off a couple of large pizza in about a New York minute! Philip was starving for some "real" food after feasting on Rino, Croc and Zebra while in Africa!

Philip had a great time and Mom and Dad are thankful he's home safe!

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog! Warms my heart!

Big Bro