Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Smokin' Weber

I have a Weber Kettle grill.

It's the 22 1/2 inch model and until just lately I have just used it as a charcoal grill (direct heat). A week or so age I stopped at the local hardware store and bought a couple of baskets to hold the hot coals enabling the ability to cook with indirect heat.

Why you might ask is this important? Because it takes the standard grill and turns it into a first class smoker. This is a huge step in my culinary arts ability! As weird as this might sound, this step helps me ramp up my ability to cook and/or smoke meats, fish & poultry.

I have a Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill, but the problem I always have is that I can never seem to get the food to cook. The food will be smoked very well but I always have to finish the smoked meat or poultry in a very low oven.

Case in point - A friend harvested a wild turkey in Iowa's Spring Turkey Season. The task wes simple, but after 3 hours in the smoker I needed to put the bird into a 225 degree oven for a couple of hours to finish. Very Frustrating!

All that is OVER! Using my Weber over these past few weeks, I have made boneless Chicken breast, a couple of racks of pork baby back ribs and venison roasts and steaks. My next project on the Weber Smoker - Pork shoulder roast bone-in, which after being smoked will become pulled pork!

Do I see another smoking post in the future? I think sooooooo!


Anonymous said...

This post makes me hungry!!

Big Bro

Shannon/Jodi said...

Now you need a deck to put your grill on!