Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Junior Boys Camp - Singing Every Morning!

Following a very hectic week at Special Camp, I had just enough time to get home Friday afternoon & try to get a bunch of odd jobs done and then get back to the camp by 10 AM Monday for an action packed week of Junior Boys!

"Action packed" hardly covers the week that was! I was truly blessed to have seven guy's in my cabin this year. Four were from the Clear Lake Church, two were related to Clear Lake guys and one was a guy from Ventura who rode my bus when I had filled in for a regular route driver. When Jackson walked into our cabin, he looked at me and said "Your a bus driver!"

Junior Boy's are, by definition, "full of enough energy and rambunctiousness to kill an average counselor" (I made that up, but it should be there!). This is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best weeks of summer! Junior boy's camp rocks! These guys play hard, are fearless and love chapel time. On a serious note, junior boys are very tender toward the things of God and always seem ready to respond as God's Word is preached and their hearts are challenged. Our two main speakers were Missionary John Murray, with Cyclone Bible Fellowship in Ames, Iowa and Pastor Dennis Reynolds, senior pastor Nevada Baptist Church Nevada, Iowa. These men did a great job!

One fun insight - Everyday I would wake my cabin in this way...at 6:59AM I would in VERY loud voice say: "GOOOOOOD MOORRNNING Campers! It's (whatever day)!" Then their favorite part, I would sing to them! At which point they would moan and complain that I was hurting them, causing great pain and suffering. I love junior boys camp!!!!!

Can hardly wait until next year!!!

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I know that song well.