Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cooking All Day!

Well tomorrow is New Years Day and that makes tonight New Years Eve! I'm so smart like that!

I know that for many this is just a another reason to party and imbibe in far to many adult beverages. That being said, at our house, we find these days to filled with friends, family, food and fun!

This evening we will go to the home of a family in our church where we will enjoy lots of good food, fellowship, tons of board games and visiting. As for the food for this evening, Lynn and I will be providing BBQ pulled pork.

Some will come and stay for the whole time, until 12 midnight CST, while others will only stay for a bit. Makes no difference how long anyone stays but the fact they come and spent time together just having fun is the real key. As my Dad used to say, "It's midnight somewhere!"

New Years Day is the big tradition for Lynn and I, we generally have an open house for anyone who would like to stop by for awhile. This year will be especially fun with the Iowa Hawkeyes playing in a New Years Day Bowl Game, so we expect that a few will be here for the 10AM kickoff.

We are going all out on the food this year - Corned Beef & Clam Chowder! The clam chowder is the traditional dish for New Years at our house and the corned beef was a special request. Hope your happy Morgan!

One more food item....our friend Mary is going to make homemade egg rolls! Think about that - corned beef on bagels, a steaming bowl of clam chowder and a fresh pipping hot egg roll. New Years Day is the best!!!!

So I have been cooking all day. 6 corned beef briskets, BBQ pulled pork and most of the prep work for a double batch of clam chowder (I'll put that all together in the morning).

Got to go get dressed for the evenings activities and head out with the family. Now where did I put that extra lampshade????????

Have a very happy and safe New Years Eve! Talk to you next year!

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