Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Steve's Daddy Day-Care

Following a meeting out of town I arrived home to find out my girls, Lynn and Susan were both not feeling a bit good. Lynn had been to the doctor and found out she has a sinus infection and Susan just has the creeping crud.

I was informed that I was in charge of supper. So begins Steve's Daddy Day-Care and Infirmary.

After a quick run to our local Fareway, I set out to make my girls supper. The cuisine for this evening was chicken pot pie. Now before you jump to the conclusion that I just grabbed some frozen pot pies, I cooked this meal from scratch. For dessert I did cheat a bit and bought pre-made oatmeal raisin cookie dough. Well here is the proof in the pictures:

Good supper with old fashion comfort foods on a cold and wintry night. Hope my girls get to feeling better!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Brian From Michigan said...


Daniel said...

I am leaving a comment so that you know I was here. Wow. So much for simply window shopping.

Anonymous said...

Your such a good Dad. Glad to see your blogging more. I love hearing about the family. Bye Gramps.

Big Bro

Str8Arrow said...

looks like whoomp bisquits. That's not from scratch. :0) You didn't offer to share.s

Pastor Steve Cox said...


Yes those are whoomp biscuits. I had to scratch the paper off the tube to get them out! BTW, you need to use your spell checker: bisquits, are you kidding me!?!?!? WOW

Str8Arrow said...

Old English spelling, from my Puritan roots.