Saturday, November 08, 2008

Changes Now & Changes To Come - Maybe

Have you noticed any changes on the blog?????

I've add a couple of things:

1. Bible Verse for the day in the ESV. This is really nice and I'm liking the ESV as a good word for word translation.

2. A picture viewer in the top right. Here I will post pictures from time to time that I think you will enjoy. Special thank to Lowell Washburn who keeps me supplied with GREAT wildlife photos!

3. I finally got my site meter fixed and now I know that many of you are visiting and not leaving any comments. So I want to encourage you to leave a comment, as it is a great encouragement to continue posting if I know that you are at least enjoying my stuff.

Keep stopping by there are more changes to come, I'm debating posting "Sermon Briefs", brief summaries of my sermons. Well, that is still in the idea stage.


I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Shannon said...

I'm reading!

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Thanks Shannon I'm glad to know your out there!

John said...

Ok, you caught us. We have been stalking you for months and have been excited to do it anonymously. Oh well, we're still watching you!

John Murray