Saturday, September 06, 2008


Good news or bad news ... it all depends on your perspective!

I found out yesterday that the Clear Lake School Board will accept the bid of another and so our Church begins anew our search for God's will in a possible new location.

This is the second time we have walked through this process as a Church family, now we wait as to the third opportunity that may be before us.

Frustration and disappointment are a part of life, but for the Christian it really boils down to the issue of perspective! Ask yourself this question, "do I really believe that what I say I believe is really real?"

If we say we believe in the sovereignty of God's will and that God works all thing together for His Glory and our good. How then can we ever look to God and think that God made an error or didn't give us exactly what we needed?

The really cool part of all of this is that as we have walked through these two opportunities I have considered each to be perfect for our needs, But God has had another plan. If these are not what God has for us ... I can not wait to see His perfect will in this matter!!!!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Nick O. said...

What we do believe in is real. I'm just excited to see what God is going to do now!

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Thanks Nick!

Waiting on God is an incredible journey, I'm sure that there are great things ahead!