Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On Vacation!

Lynn and I are enjoying a bit of time away as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Truth be told, our anniversary was in May, but with graduations and a full summer of ministry staring us in the face we decided to wait until now!

We are with our good friends, John and Lynna Murray. This is a bit different from our trip together to Jamaica. This time we have separate sleeping quarters!

This place is incredible! We are in a retreat center overlooking a valley in the rolling hills of Jo Davies County in Illinois. We are enjoying a very relaxing, no schedule, and quiet time together.

We came over a day early and stayed in a camp ground just outside Dubuque. It was great, we had hot dogs over the open fire and just sat and watched the fire, talking and laughing. As usual, it was an adventure with others in the camping area, a group of teens showed up just before dark and things got lively! I’m not totally sure what all went on but by midnight the Sheriff hauled two boys to jail and the others got packed up and left with the DNR officers keeping careful watch.

As Lynn and I watched all I could think was that those kids were probably thinking that this camping idea sounded so good just a few hours earlier at school. What a mess.

I Remain,

Pastor Steve

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