Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Public Now!


CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake School Board tabled action Tuesday on the possible sale of the Lincoln School building until noon Friday, Sept. 5.

Four parties have expressed an interest in the property, according to Superintendent Dwight Pierson.

Two of the potential buyers have not yet submitted bids.

Vickie Snyder, representing Dean Snyder Construction and the Snyder Partnership, said the company wants to build a senior living facility on the property.

Mason City developer Jeff Tierney said he may submit a bid. Tierney declined to say what he planned to do with the property.

The third bid was submitted at 9 a.m. Tuesday leaving the board’s property committee, which is made up of board members Tom Lovell and Paul Stevenson, with no time to review the bid before the noon meeting.

The name of the bidder is not being released until the property committee has reviewed the bid, Pierson said.

The fourth party interested in the former school has been identified as the Regular Baptist Church in Clear Lake. Details about the church’s plans and its bid are not being released.

The property committee will review all bids and make a recommendation to the entire School Board. Potential bidders have until 11 a.m. Friday to submit bids to the school district.

Last month, the board rejected a $5,000 offer for the Lincoln property from Todd Hanson of Clear Lake.

“We’re not in the business of selling property so this is a new adventure for us in this room,” Pierson said Tuesday.

Besides the price being offered for the property, the board said it is interested in looking for the best potential use of the site, opportunity for green space and opportunity to increase the tax rolls.

“We’ve been real consistent with what we’ve said we wanted to look at,” Lovell said.

Lovell said the school district has reached the end of discussions with the city of Clear Lake concerning the location.

“We want to try and make a decision that is best for the community,” Lovell said.

Friday’s meeting will be held at Clear Creek Elementary School. The school district’s administrative offices are located at Clear Creek.


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