Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Early Mother's Day Gift!

Received a call from Daniel that He and Maggie wanted Lynn and I to drive down to Ames last Sunday afternoon for an early Mother's Day lunch together with them and Maggie's Mom and Dad. The plan was to meet at Pizza Hut just as soon as Lynn and I could get there.

Upon arrival and massive amounts of pizza, Dan began to tell us what he and Maggie believed the future held for them following Dan's graduation from Bible College this Spring. All very exciting stuff as Dan explained the process that he and Maggie walked through to reach their conclusions.

About this time, Maggie produces two gift bags from under the table and the Mom's were told to open them together. Maggie's Mom held up baby spoons and Lynn had two baby bibs! Cats out of the bag...Maggie and Daniel are going to have a BABY!!!!!!

We are so excited and happy for them.

Continue to pray for Dan and Maggie as they continue to seek God's Will for their lives in the area of future ministry and for their new baby which is due in early December!

What a day Sunday it was!

I Remain,
Grandpa Steve (WOW)


Str8Arrow said...

congrats grampa

Erin said...

Congrats! Hey, Pastor Cox! This is me leaving a comment. Your turn! :)