Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Catch on Clear Lake

Philip and I were fishing on a dock on Clear Lake and on my first cast I caught this very nice 381/2 inch musky. As nice as this fish is, it is shorter that the 40 inch limit on Clear Lake! So after some photo's ... Back in to the lake it went! ENJOY!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


karen said...

Wow!!! I have enjoyed catching up with all your family news through your blog. It seems hard to believe that you and Lynn will be grandparents. It seems like only yesterday we were graduating from high school. As I look back I am so thankful for you and Lynn and your friendship and the good memories I have. The Lord is good!
All my love and prayers, Karen Roth - Psalm 28:7

Erin said...

Wow! That's amazing. I bet that was soooooo much fun!

Str8Arrow said...

tea totally awesome dude!

Str8Arrow said...

BTW what were you using for a lure or bait?

Steve Cox said...

new (this years model) Lindy rig tipped with a minnow