Wednesday, January 30, 2008

His Battle With Cancer Is Over

My Dad's battle with cancer is over!

Tuesday evening at 8:45 PM with his family gathered around him my Dad, Roger Cox died.

He put forth a valiant effort and waged a fierce battle for 10 months against pancreatic cancer. Never letting the cancer ravage his spirit as it did his body. Up until the Monday, just before he died, he was joking around with family members and being the comic that we all knew him to be.

Life will be different now with him gone.

A time like this is when our theology is tried, tested and found to be true. This is where theology runs headlong in to real life and as you workout your theology to its logical end you see if it really is strong in the face of trial and tragedy.

I am so thankful for my relationship with Christ and to know that our God is perfectly Holy, Just, Loving and Merciful.

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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