Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feels Like A Sprain Now

Wow it's been a while!

Christmas has come and gone as well as New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Things have been very crazy around here these past few weeks. After we returned home from our Christmas trip to Des Moines to see family, I chucked my walker and have been just walking around in my walking boot. As of the last few days I have been walking around our bedroom without the boot on at all. My foot is feeling like I've got a really bad sprain and I feel like I just want to walk to stretch out the kinks.

Wednesday of this next week I get to go back to see my surgeon. Hopefully, I'll get to be rid of the walking cast and be back to my street shoes! We shall see what we shall see.

On another note ... my Dad is not doing so well. Please pray for his needs, God knows all!

I'll Be Back!

Pastor Steve

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Str8Arrow said...

I'll be praying