Monday, July 02, 2007

They Stole My Shopping Cart!

A week ago last Saturday Lynn, Amy & I were at Wal-Mart. We were doing the little family shopping thing and picking up just a few items we needed before Lynn & I headed off to the national GARBC conference in PA.

We were having a great time laughing and carrying on as we are want to do from time to time. Amy and Lynn spent over 20 minutes looking for new sunglasses, just the perfect ones that they really liked. I picked up some dog food and other assorted items. Then the girls wanted to look for flip flops. (Their new favorite past time!)

Not wanting to be left out on a chance to harass and irritate my favorite ladies I parked my cart out of the way of traffic and wondered over to the shoe department. After a wonderful time of pestering I left to retrieve the cart but someone STOLE MY SHOPPING CART!!!!!

At first I though that Amy took it but we caught up to her and she did not have it. We looked everywhere and no cart! Then we had to get another cart and start the hunting and gathering process all over again. As you can imagine there were no sun glasses that were as perfect as the first set!

I was so fired up! Who would steal a shopping full of stuff? What would you do with the stuff that you didn't want? What are the odds of walking into Wal-Mart and finding the random shopping cart with everything that you were going to purchase to begin with ????? What kind of person does these things!?!?!?!?!?

For the record we NEVER found our cart. Lynn and Amy got to the point that it was way more funny that I was so steamed and then they started laughing at me and my attitude. Why could they not see that this was NOT funny. They laughed at me the rest of the unfair! No one cares but me. I WANT MY CART BACK!!!!

I need a nap -

Pastor Steve


farmer Tom said...

Wish I'd have been there to steal it, what a great stunt. I'd have paid to see you stomping around ranting and raving about someone stealing "your" cart. Would have laughed till I cried.

Str8Arrow said...

Yea wait around until it's full!! Probably the cart is where Boomer left it, but he just couldn't quite remember where. Getting old is for the birds.

Glock40shooter said...

I hate to admit it, but I'm with farmer tom. After watching you awhile, I would have said real loud, how are you doing PASTOR Steve? And then giggled somemore.

Steve Cox said...

OK you guys its all fun and games until someone steals your shopping cart! And since when does being a PASTOR exclude you from being irritated at the stupidity of others?

I need Another nap! :)