Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day 2007

Sunday was Father's Day and I was thrilled to have all our kids home for the weekend.

The kids arrived on Friday evening along with Lynn's Mom Carol.

Saturday began with a bike ride around Clear Lake. My wonderful wife gave me a new bike for father's day! The crew for the bike ride included Dan, Maggie and me, a trip of around 14.5 miles. We stopped half way and had a friend, Charlie, join us for the second half of the ride. We also made a stop at the Baptist Camp. After a hardy breakfast with the entire family ... all seven of us! Amy and I took off for Mason City for a Father's Day shopping trip. Amy wanted to get me a new bird bath. We looked and looked and finally settled on the very first one we looked at! I really like, it's heave and looks really nice to boot!

Amy and I picked up a load of fire wood for my fire pit and then we got ready to have company for supper. For the last two Saturday evenings we have invited any of the full time summer staff at the Baptist Camp to come over for a cookout. This is a Bring Your Own Meat and Soda event and the young people seem to really enjoy the the down time. Supper was followed by games and the evening broke up around 10 PM.

Sunday was a great day at Church. Sunday lunch was Chicken on the grill and it was very good. Philip, Susan, Dan and Maggie all gave me cards. Philip's and Susan's were hand made and very thoughtful and cute. Philip's was printed on the computer and he printed it backwards. He said it was because I'm left handed but I'm not sure!?!?!?

The folks at the Clear Lake Church were very happy to see the kids again. Daniel & Maggie were able to be here for a wedding shower at the church. We had a fellowship supper and service all together in our evening service time. It was a very special time for Daniel and he was very emotional as he spoke and thanked everyone for their ministry in his life over the last 12 years.

It was a very emotional evening and a real blessing for Daniel, Maggie and Lynn and I. The time to say goodbye and with Dan's car loaded to the gills the group rolled out for Ankeny and Oskaloosa.

All in all it was a great father's day! Thanks to my kids for making me feel very special. I love you all very much!!!!

I remain,
Pastor Steve


Str8Arrow said...

Gotta love it when the kids come home.

Daniel said...

I was not any more emotional than you would have been.

Steve Cox said...

Daniel, I did not mean that as a slam ... I was crying like a baby! I Love You!!!!