Saturday, July 07, 2007

Are We Done? - We're DONE!

Daniel and Maggie are getting married on August 11th and it seemed so far away - until today.

Let me back up a bit, when the news of the future nuptials was released I knew that Lynn would need to get a new dress and some shoes. Oh! I was sooo mistaken. With in the last few weeks I was informed I needed to get a new suit ... new shirt ... new tie ... and more than likely new shoes.

Friday morning Lynn suggested that we head over to the mall and check out the suit separates at JC Penney's. They had nothing that I was interested in and a very small selection too boot. On a whim we ventured into Mooreman's, a men's clothing store uptown Mason City. There we found a very nice charcoal suit, it was a bit out of our price range but our only other option was a trip to Des Moines. With gas at almost $3.00 a gallon, we decided to go local.

That logic all changed on Saturday morning, Lynn suggested that we load up Amy & Susan and head out to the outlet mall in Medford, Minn. The ides was that we might be able to find Lynn's dress. She had found a dress in a catalog but they were sold out of her size and we were now back to square one.

We arrived at the store and Lynn must have tried on 15 or 20 dresses. By the time we finished she decided on a beautiful dress for the wedding and a wonderful casual outfit for the rehearsal dinner. Shoes were purchased and we headed back to Clear Lake. Following supper we headed to Mason City for the last few items. At about 9:30PM we walked out of the last store and I look at Lynn and said, "Are we done?" She replied, "we're done!"

I have know since last Christmas that the wedding was coming, but the reality is beginning to settle in. Daniel is getting married. Wow!

Pastor Steve

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